You can choose to download directly from below or get the bleeding edge version over at GitHub. This project is done in my free time so please consider donating or visiting the sponsor on the right to help keep development alive and our dedicated server running!

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To be honest I hate this part of the site. I don’t like asking for donations, but it’s something that’s necessary given the amount of time put into keeping PikaChoose up to date. I hope PikaChoose helps save you time, and if it does think about how much that time is worth

If you go to Steak N’ Shake and someone tosses you a burger with fries you’ll give them $2 for that, if it’s a fancy restaurant you’ll tip the waiter $5 for a steak. But this is a tool I’ve been working on and perfecting for over 2 years. I like to think PikaChoose is closer to a steak than a burger :D