Are there any requirements to running PikaChoose?
PikaChoose requires jQuery to be present on your site. Just make sure the PikaChoose include comes after the jQuery include.
I keep getting Error: this.image.delay is not a function
PikaChoose requires jQuery 1.3 or greater. Try upgrading your version of jQuery to fix this problem.
I keep getting error: fancybox is not a function
If you’re integrating Fancybox with Pikachoose then you must be sure to include Fancybox on the page. If you continue to get the error try moving the Fancybox include above the Pikachoose include.
Hey I’ve made PikaChoose better! Wanna see?
Yes I do! I am by no means the best JS developer out there, if you have tips or improvements for PikaChoose let me know. Just send me an email using the contact from!
How do I move the thumbnails to the left/right of the main image?
Download the latest release for examples of both! There are examples with css and code for both the carousel and non carousel’d version of PikaChoose.
Can I use PikaChoose on a commercial site?
Yes. You are within the license to use and distrube PikaChoose as long as you do not sell PikaChoose itself. That said, all the development is done by me. It takes a good portion of my personal time to keep PikaChoose up to date, so if you can donate I’d appreciate it.
Do you have a WordPress plugin?
Gerben over at Gport has create Magic Gallery a WordPress plugin that supports PikaChoose. This post: Magic Gallery Released has all the details!