Open Image in New Tab

A lot of people have been asking about opening the link on the main image in a new tab or window. This is a pretty easy fix, so I thought I’d walk through the steps here.

Getting Started

All the setup should be the same as a regular PikaChoose setup.

API Hook

We’re going to change how you can PikaChoose slightly to take advantage of a hook. This way we can inject our code in where we want it.

$(document).ready(function (){
   var a = function(self){


See wasn’t that simple? It’s almost too easy! You can view an example below:

  • Any html can be used in captions
  • A variety of options are available to style PikaChoose
  • Use custom images or let PikaChoose create thumbs for you.

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  1. NJT:


    Is there a way to have just one slide in the slider open up in a new tab while the rest open in the same?

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