Premium Themes

PikaChoose premium themes are designed to give you a highly stylized look with minimal effort. All themes come packaged with all image files, styles, any fonts that shown. All fonts used in the custom themes are free fonts and are available for download on

Upon purchase of any premium theme you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to download the theme. This link will never expire and you are free to download the theme are any time in the future.

Clean & Classic Theme

A crisp theme with a dynamic thumbnail tray that is hide-able.

  • Main image: 850px by 500px
  • Supports unlimited thumbnails
  • Features thumbnail slider tray

News Feed Theme

A versatile theme for with two types of captions.

  • Main image: Easily resizable
  • Supports unlimited thumbnails (carousel)
  • Includes LESS stylesheet for easy resizing
  • Caption for large image and thumbnails

Whiteout Theme

A super clean CSS 3 theme that keeps thing simplified

  • Main image: Easily resizable
  • Supports unlimited thumbnails (carousel)
  • CSS3 Sahdows

Instant Photo Theme

A highly stylized theme that is designed for older photos

  • Main image: 320px by 320px
  • Supports up to 9 thumbnails
  • Uses CSS3 to tilt photos
  • Features font: A Year Without Rain

Baby Theme

A cute gallery designed for baby with overlays and rounded corners

  • Main image: 500px by 350px
  • Supports unlimited thumbnails (carousel)
  • CSS3 borders
  • Features font: Sachiko