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To be honest I hate this part of the site. I don't like asking for donations, but it's something that's necessary given the amount of time put into keeping PikaChoose up to date. I hope PikaChoose helps save you time, and if it does think about how much that time is worth

If you go to Steak N' Shake and someone tosses you a burger with fries you'll give them $2 for that, if it's a fancy restaurant you'll tip the waiter $5 for a steak. But this is a tool I've been working on and perfecting for over 2 years. I like to think it's close to a steak than a burger :D

Need it installed?

I've tried to make PikaChoose as easy as possible, but I understand that not everyone has the time or experience to get PikaChoose running on their site. If you don't have the time, but are willing to pay a small fee I can work with you and install PikaChoose on your site!

For only $60 I will install PikaChoose on your site and explain what I did. This price includes more than just the standard install, if you need we can also setup a Flickr feed to display with PikaChoose

If you need me to customize PikaChoose beyond basic styling I can provide you with a quote within 24 hours.

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